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Current &Past Projects

Selected projects only.

For a complete list of our projects contact Nelcon Inc. 

Glacier Elementary - Columbia Falls Montana  

Dirt Work, Gravel

Rockvale 2 - Laurel

NHIP-HSIP 4-1(61)44

Pipe, Dirt Work & Asphalt Paving

Belgrade South

NHIP HSIP 85-1-16-3

reconstruction including excavation, crushing, gravel, pipe, utilities, paving.

Galata East and West

NHIP 1-4(29)300

Dirt Work, Pipe & Asphalt Paving

Bainville South and Jct US 2 – South Bainville

STPS-STPB 327-1(10)1,  And STPS 327-1(12)0

Dirt Work, Gravel, Grade, Drainage, Milling, and Paving

Robson - Units 18-1

Private Project - Denton Texas 


Dutton North and South 

(NB Lanes) IM 15-6-42-309

Milling and paving overlay

Wibaux - East & West

IM 94-6(63)231

Asphalt paving 

Meridian Road North & South - Kalispell MT.

NH-STPU-HSIP 6701(7-9)

1.2 miles urban reconstruct complete infrastructure rebuild; Gravel Base, Concrete Curb & Sidewalk Asphalt Paving

US 2 Havre

NH-STPU-HSIP 1-6(52) 381

3.2 Miles total urban reconstruct including storm, sanitary, and water infrastructure, excavation, crushing, grading, PCCP, electrical, and landscaping; work included watering contaminated soils on superfund site

Big Timber East                                    

IM 90-7(110)369 & NHPB 90-7(107)357    

Bridge Deck & Paving

I-94 @ Medora

ND Project #14                                                      

Asphalt Paving

Rockvale - North                                             

NH-HSIP-CM 4-1(22)43                                       

Asphalt Paving, Pipe & Dirt Work

Moose Creek                                                         

STPS-FLA 569-1(5)14                                            

Asphalt Paving & Dirt Work

Elk Park/Butte      

IM 15-2(120)130   IM 15-3(85)134                                                        

Asphalt Paving

Big Timber South Overlay


Asphalt Paving

Beach ND Overlay


Asphalt Paving

Kiowa East                                      

STPP-FLA 58-1(32)6     

Asphalt Paving, Pipe & Dirt Work

JCT MT 84 - Amsterdam

Paving overlay

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